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Arexis is a team of highly skilled engineers specialising in nuclear consulting services in the Energy Sector.

We provide suppliers and manufacturing companies the unique and decisive support needed throughout their projects in respect of localised regulation and safety requirements.

We are able to meet the growing needs of our customers in today’s global nuclear market.

Equipment qualification

We provide critical support, including training, to nuclear equipment developers, manufacturers and suppliers with a range of services designed to qualify equipment, parts and components for many applications. Our services are based on recognised technical standards such as IEEE, IEC and RCC-E as well as ASME QME-1 and CSA, and we use a management quality system that conforms to ISO 9001 and NQA-1.

We believe that our global knowledge of EQ gives us the edge in differentiating what works from what does not.

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External hazard risks

Drawn from solid international experience, our knowledge highlights a strong expertise in dealing with risks associated with combinations of external events that could affect the overall safety of an NPP (fire, flooding, earthquake, extreme weather conditions, biological infestation, oil spill, industrial accident...).
Our recent participation in EU sponsored projects for developing Hazard Risk Assessment Guidelines makes Arexis a key player in Hazard related PSA applications in support of NPP Safety Case.

Fire Hazard

For more than a decade, our extensive work in fire hazard assessments and fire protection system design allowed Arexis to attain a solid level of expertise in dealing with fire hazard.
› Analysis and modeling of fire and fire propagation using calculation codes such as CFAST, FDS and CDI
› Expertise in ventilated confined environments
› Defense in depth principle applied to fire hazard
› Monitoring and mitigation measures in accordance with national and international regulations

Safety Engineering

At Arexis we specialise in Nuclear Safety and Licensing (UK, France, Belgium, Canada and the US) in support of New Build and operational NPPs for different types of design (EPR, PWR and CANDU).
› System modeling, design and operating improvements
› Trip coverage analysis
› Deterministic analysis of severe accidents (MAAP)
› PSA development (RiskSpectrum, CAFTA)
› Comprehensive experience of European and EPRI methodologies for PSAs
› Seismic PSA-Based SMA
› Severe Accident Management Guidelines (SAMG)