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The EQ Alliance founded by Arexis, Assystem, Lloyd’s Register and Rolls-Royce is a consortium set up to address Equipment Qualification challenges for the UK nuclear new build programme and the supply chain.

EQ Alliance

Equipment Qualification (EQ) is a regulatory requirement considered essential for the safe operation of a nuclear power plant and must be carefully addressed in order to obtain an operating license. Experience over a variety of projects has shown the many benefits, both technical and commercial in nature of having a robust and agile EQ framework.

To meet the demands of the Equipment Qualification landscape, we have formed a strong consortium consisting of Arexis, Assystem, Lloyd’s Register and Rolls-Royce, bringing a unique accumulated pool of EQ expertise with highly skilled resources.

The synergy of the consortium members acts as a powerful “cog”: our understanding of the UK Nuclear New Build requirements has enabled us to put together the most valuable services, taking full advantage of our significant experience acquired throughout global projects involving the EQ life-cycle.

The Challenge

The utility developer has the ultimate responsibility for the suitability of the installed equipment to perform within the limits of the safety case, and therefore, the overall responsibility for EQ. However, due to the design and safety requirements which are decomposed and passed to the supply chain for the delivery of key components, an embedded EQ methodology must be understood and considered within the justification of the components and systems.

Experience has shown that one of the biggest challenges to schedule within the nuclear industry is a lack of a coherent EQ programme which mitigates the risks associated with the EQ supply chain and its ability to deliver compliant equipment on time. This challenge could be across any aspect of the EQ lifecycle, including configuration management of equipment material, suitable testing capability and maintaining EQ throughout the operational life of equipment. There is concern that inadequate focus on EQ could lead to cost escalation ranging into billions of pounds per project and delays of several years if the risks associated with EQ delivery are not mitigated robustly.

The Consortium has the comprehensive understanding of EQ and the associated factors of delivery within the UK, to provide robust analysis, assessment and proposition of strategy recommendations to mitigate EQ related risks.